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Can probiotics help keep your family safer?

My family and I have been on quite the learning journey with Norwex when it comes to the personal research that we have undertaken to dig deeper in trying to understand chemicals of concern on our labels, not just in cleaning products, but particularly in our personal care products! We have ditched many of our old fav products that we used without question, and have discovered even better, healthier and effective alternatives. We have stood in the aisles at the drugstore reading labels to everything from shampoos, face moisturizers, sunscreens, deodorants and more! Stay tuned to learn more about that learning journey!! I thought I'd share this as I continue to learn! Join me for on journey for this one!! Let's delve into the world of pre-, post- and pro-biotics, shall we? Read on!

When it comes to your skin, leave it to the PROfessionals. Our Lysere Moisture-Rich Body Lotion with probiotic technology and Lysere Prebiotic Deodorant (literally) have your back. Help keep you and your family’s skin safe.

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